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    OK. So now that my TBH is well established. Almost all bars are drawn out. Lots of honey and brood. Should I start rearranging a little? My brood take up the center of the hive, and seem to be moving towards the front. Most of my bars have some brood which makes them undesirable for harvest when the time comes. My main honey stores are in the back.

    I am thinking of moving all the brood to the back, building a queen excluder bar, and leaving wider bars near the entrance for honey storage. Good idea? Bad idea? How many bars of brood should I have inside the excluder. 1-1/4" wide by 16" Long bars.

    Also, my whole 48" long hive is nearly all drawn out. Does that mean it is getting too full already? I've haven't even had the thing a month! How do I know if I need to make a split. Can you tell without looking for swarm cells?