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Bee Bee tree seedlings

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I have Bee Bee tree seedlings for sale.The trees provide an excellent source of late summer nectar for honey bees and get hundreds of softball sized flower clusters. It is not uncommon to see as many as 20 bees on a single cluster. The seedlings are peat pots. These pots are designed to disintegrate so transplanting isn't necessary. They can be put intact into a larger pot or right in the ground. These are not bare root or dormant seedlings, they are ready to plant outside or in bigger pots. I have different sizes of seedlings and here are sizes/prices 3"-4'' seedlings are $8ea. 5-6" seedlings are $9 ea. and 7-8" seedlings are$11 ea. I do have some larger seedlings as well so just ask. Shipping (priority USPS) on 6 or fewer can range between $6-$9 depending on zip code. Any questions, contact me here or at [email protected].
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Just wanted to update and let folks know I still have seedlings available as of 05/24/2011
What do you recommend for keeping grasshoppers off the seedlings?..They ate all three of my seedlings the first day.
I'm not John, but I recommend white "powdered" lime sprinkled over the leaves. It keeps lots of different things from eating the plants and raises the ph of the soil at the same time. It must be replaced after a heavy rain. I use it on my garden as well. A natural, cheap plant protection and soil enhancer all in one.
what is a beebee tree and where are they from?
tecumseh said:
what is a beebee tree and where are they from?

Tetradium daniellii (syn. Evodia daniellii, Euodia daniellii )
Korean Evodia, Bee Bee Tree tet-ra-DE-um dan-i-EL-e-i

Deciduous tree, to 30(50) ft [9(15) m] tall, similar width, rounded habit. Bark smooth, gray. Leaves opposite, pinnately compound, 22-38 cm long, 5-11 leaflets, each 5 to 12 cm long, ovate to oblong-ovate, glossy dark green above, paler below. Flowers small (3-4 mm), white with tinges of yellow or pink, in flattish clusters, 10-16 cm wide, bloom mid- to late-summer. Fruit a pod, about 8 mm long, 2-seeded, seeds small (to 4 mm), ovoid, and shiny black; the seed size and shape apparently the origin of the common name, Beebee Tree.
Sun. Best in well-drained, moist, acid soil, not fussy about soil pH.
Hardy to USDA Zone 4 Native to Korea and northern China.
daniellii: after William Freeman Daniell (1818-1865), British army surgeon.
Oregon State Univ. campus: west side Benton Hall.
That's a new one one me Iddee, my first thought was the lime might "burn" the leaves. I can't find any info on it though. Not that I don't trust your advice, I just wanted to learn more. Thanks Crackerbee for answering Tecumseh's question, I didn't see an email notifying me of a post here.
Iddee, are you talking about " quick " lime ?

That's hot stuff !

Ever read Tom Sawyer?
White lime and water makes "white wash". All the old timers painted trees with it to keep the bugs off the trees. Sprinkle it on the plants to do the same. Spread it around the base of your house to eliminate ants, slugs, and other pests from entering the house. Spread it in the outhouse to degrade the poop quicker and keep the smell down. Grandma even used lime water when making pickles. Many uses for it.

Yes, it heats the water when mixed, so don't stick your hands in the mix if you're making white wash. It is a white powder, available at any garden center.
Good idea , iddee. The bugs got another one last night, so I suspect maybe slugs are at work. I'll give lime a try.
LtlWilli said:
Good idea , iddee. The bugs got another one last night, so I suspect maybe slugs are at work. I'll give lime a try.
I suspected slugs when you mentioned all the leaves were eaten. I had a few on mine and they really can be voracious. If it is slugs, a beer trap will side track them nicely. Here is a link worth looking at... They mention sinking a yogurt container with beer in it, with the top at ground level. The little buggers can't resist and fall right in. By the way LtlWilli, if you wanted 3 more seedlings, just send enough to cover the shipping and I'd be glad to send them. Email or PM me and we can work it out.
Only on this forum can the topic go from Bee Bee Tree seedlings for sale to Tom Sawyers whitewash formula. :lol:

I love it!!!!
Thank you for the kind offer, John. I'd be glad to take you up on it....Email sent about arrangements.
They are known as a fast growing tree. The seedlings can grow 5-6ft in a single growing season. They flower in 4-6 years typically. I grew 4 from seed and all flowered in 4th year except one which did the following year.
Just an update to say I still have seedlings avail. as of 10/23/11.
12 13 14 15 ready or not, here I come! :mrgreen:
Just an update, I still have seedlings and seeds available as of 01/26/12
Just a note, I bought one of these from John67x last year, and I have to say he did an awesome job shipping it. I've bought other trees via mail order from larger nursuries, and they didn't arrive in nearly as good of shape as John's Evodia seedling did. I'd definately recommend buying from John67x.

Unfortunately my son didn't take as good of care of it and stepped on it breaking off the top and killing it... 'DOH! So I'll be getting another one this year I think. John do you have any older seedlings? Maybe something that's already a few feet tall?
Hi Ben, don't have any that size right now but will in summer. It is a little tough and costly to ship the seedlings when they reach close to a foot or taller. They really branch out. I do have smaller seedlings now that easily grow indoors over winter months. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry to hear your seedling didn't survive the experience with your son! If you want a few smaller ones to grow inside now let me know. I will send you a PM with details on what I have. Anyone interested in seeds or seedlings can contact me here or at John677x$
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