Bee gene DNA sequencing technique

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    Analysis of Litopenaeus vannamei Transcriptome Using the Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Technique
    The expression of the Apis mellifera PUM homolog unigene92779 was up-regulated during 0–215 mps, and then fell to a low level at 480 mps. For main species distribution matched against Nr database, 91.9% of the matched unigenes showed similarities with Homo sapiens, followed by Drosophila melanogaster (84.2%), Mus musculus (72.37%), Danio rerio (47.94%), Rattus norvegicus (43.17%), Tribolium castaneum (43.14%), Drosophila mojavensis (38.50%), Harpegnathos saltator (37.42%), Apis mellifera (37.09%), Anopheles gambiae str.