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Bee insurance

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Howdy, is there such a thing, in case if fire, flood, or the such? Is it expensive? who carries it?
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I'm sure there is an insurance agent somewhere that would be glad to sell it to you. I would say it could be added onto you home owners policy, I can get it for my cattle through a home owners policy and it is pretty cheap. I'm not too worried about it myself.

What kind of bee insurance are you looking for? I just finalized a Bee Mortality and Bee Transportation Mortality policy. Let me know if this is what you are looking for.
Yes please elaborate. Does anyone know of any health insurance that is available for farmers - beeks that is reasonable? Thanks

I live and beekeep in Tennessee and am working toward building a beekeeping business but as I expand what is right now just a hobby, I need to expand to other bee yards rather than my own which are not covered under my homeowner's policy. Since I am not yet in business I can't get business coverage, but would like to have some kind of liability coverage for my beekeeping (I'd like to have at least $100,000 in liability limits) so that if they sting someone, or swarm and end up building a colony in someone's walls that I'd be covered if they went after me. So I have a couple of questions, first, could you write such a policy for me, and second, what would the premiums be?

By the way, you wouldn't happen to be this Joe, would you?:

Bee Mortality insurance would offer specific coverage for your bees. If your bees were to die due to accident, sickness, disease, illness, fire, lightening, bear/ animal attack, limited theft and earthquake. We can also schedule other perils into the coverage form such as CCD. We can offer mortality coverage while they are at your location or in transit across the country. Imagine your loss of income if you had a flat bed tractor trailer loaded with your bees involved in a bad accident on the highway. Not only are you out a couple of million bees but you are now potential losing out on income from pollination and honey production.

Send me an email if you would like more details of the coverage.
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