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Bee O Pac and Full boxes ?

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Hello All,

I have one of my hives that is thriving and doing quite well...

...the questions I have, 10 frame bottom box was at 80% early in the seaon, added another box, this box is filling with honey (about 80-90% full with some brood on 1st frame of 9)

I added a small box/super on the top (wax is drawn out), should I remove the top smaller super place it under the honey filled super (middle) to leave room for brood? Then add the Bee O Pac frames with a small box to the top?

Hope this is clear... thank you in advance! ...Miss you guys!

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Glad to see you back.

If this was April, I would say yes. Since it is July, I don't think the bee-o-pac will be used this year, unless your honey flow is MUCH, MUCH stronger than I realize.
thasnk you, good to see you too ID!

flow seems strong... "much, much" would not apply... so as you stated I will wait on the bee o pac

would I be better off still putting the smaller box in the middle to make room for more brood while the upper deep fills?
They will most likely fill the middle box first. They don't like holes in their nest.

Of course, they like to do the unexpected, too, so it isn't a for sure thing.

Usually the bee-o-pacs are put on a booming hive at the beginning of a strong flow, as they hate to work them and won't until they have to.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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