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Hi friends, I have four precious daughters and one of them has showed more interest than the others in the apiary craft. Hannah, my 14 year old, is a very bright and extraordinary student with, among other talents, a bend towards writing poems. She spent a considerable part of her day with me the first inspection I completed. She woke up early with me to watch their behaviors from sunrise on. She was inspired to write a poem about the bees and wanted me to share it with you all here. She has polished it over the last week or so. Enjoy...

*The Bees Belong to the Breeze*

The whisper of the wind is all you hear,
As it whisks by, it bites at your ear.

It’s too cold for the bees to go fly,
But when the sun finally shares its warmth from the sky,

The bees will spill out, but not splash on the ground.
They will drift up, the bees will surround.

They will take to the breeze, one with the wind,
Back and Forth, Out and In.

Bees are gentle until provoked,
They’ll go about their work leaving you alone.

Honey to make and a queen to tend,
They have to work to do, and should all be friends.

Working together is the key,
In their tiny society.

Around the Hive, there’s a lot to maintain,
Vigilant of their workers and cleanliness is contained.

Around the flowers of pollen, and clovers too,
They swarm and wander and fly on through.

A slight hum arises as their buzzing combines,
The whirring and murmurs start as they take flight.

Wings are moving rapidly,
A flittering, fluttering, flapping bee.

Its midday and they’re dubious from the puffs of smoke,
They’re left thinking their hive will choke.

But soon they calm down after a while,
Worker bees are clustering in after traveling miles.

Soon the sun will set,
And all the bees will rest.

There are no better bees than these,
These bees belong to the breeze.

by H.J.S

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By reading Hannah's poem you can see, she is a talented girl, and vocabulary she uses, tells you she got some knowledge about bees and beekeeping. Good for her.:thumbsup:
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