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bee stands

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Hi- I notice so many hives sitting on the ground- no wonder so many hives are infested by predators.- Build a simple stand 18-24" off the ground, four legs sitting in cans with a little motor oil in the bottms. This keeps ants, etc. from getting up into the hives. you're hives will be healthier!
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Welcome to the forums freckleback, that's a great tip. Don't forget to keep the oil clean too, as time goes by the oil will build up with dirt and those nasty pests will walk right across...

Also, the cans fill with water, displacing the oil. I haven't figured away to empty the water without lifting the stand, hive and all.

I'm now using cement blocks, the big ones, and either black pepper (on the ground) or cinnamon (inside the telescoping cover). Both seem pretty affective.
Black pepper & cinnamon keep the bad bugs at bay? I already keep my hives 18" off the ground on cement blocks - will the spices help too?
I read about the cinnamon and black pepper in one of the many books on beekeeping that I've read. I do use both, the pepper on the ground around the hive stand and the cinnamon on the inner cover, but not with suppers in place. Not that cinnamon flavored honey is bad, just don't want the hassle of explaining to folks whats going on.
I did try the cinnamon and it did not work... Perhaps it depends on the type of ant?
Try white lime. If it washes away too quick, make up some whitewash and paint everything, including the hives.
what is white lime and how would I whitewash?
White lime is a powder that is sold wherever fertilizer is sold. It is extremely alkaline. When mixed with water, it produces heat. When insects walk in it, it burns them.

Whitewash was what poor people used for paint when paint cost as much as the house.

CAREFULLY mix water into the white lime until you have a consistency of paint. Let it cool. Then paint with it. It will dry white.
It will also burn you like boiling water when first mixed. BE CAREFUL!
so... if i were to paint the legs (the PVC pipe) that would do?
I would think just doing the legs would be fine, make sure you rough up that PVC with sandpaper to help with adhesion. PVC is smooth enough that it'll flake right off...
lol cool, I recently painted with spraypaint made for plastics... :lol: :roll:
Remember your safety glasses when you play with that lime and keep a bucket of clean water or a hose handy. Will the bees be attracted to the white color too, around here I have bees on everything yellow or white. I know you can get rid of ants and many other bugs with Borax but I was afraid the bees would like the pretty white color and be in it too.
it this what I want?
6 Lb. Fast Acting Lime ... lpage=none

EDIT: found a 40 lb bag of powdered lime for 2.99
Mix 1:1 with water and feel the outside of the container. I'll check what my bag says tomorrow. I don't think I've ever read it.
mine gave warnings for lung damage...

I did apply it as a powder on the ground around the hives... I will see this eve if it has helped! ;)
If it was a white powder, rather than granules, it is the right stuff, I think. As you say, time will tell.
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