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Beekeepers, post your info here

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This forum will be used to assist the public in finding a beekeeper to move bees that are in an undesirable location. Either swarms or established colonies. Each state will be listed as we have members from that state sign up. Clients will be able to go to their state and check the location of the nearest beek or beeks.

To be listed for swarm retrieval or colony removal, PM Iddee or myself your information, or post it here. We will then create a forum for your state and post your info to it, or add your info if your state has been listed.

Info required:
City and state,or city and country, if not USA, phone number, whether you catch swarms only or will do removals.

Information not required, but nice to have:

Counties, cities, or areas covered.
Alternate phone number.
Email address.
Your website
If you are a licensed pest control and can remove other critters.
List of other critters.
Anything else you think might be helpful.
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Austin Arvonio
Jefferson Township, PA
Cell: 570-470-1106
Email: [email protected]
I will catch swarms
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