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    I am planning on driving from central Virginia to Florida via route 95 in September and have bee hives, supers, screened and solid bottom boards, and tops available. I am taking a large flatbed trailer and can stop off along rt. 95 for anyone is interested in purchasing hive body equipment during that time. My website is Please PM me if you are interested.

    I have: Deep Hive Bodies, Select quality for $13.29, Economy quality for $11.24. Medium Supers (Select) are $9.49, (economy) is $8.03. Shallow supers are $8.72 for select and $7.38 for economy. I also have some really nice screen and solid bottom boards. The screened bottoms boards are $10.95 and the solid bottom boards are $12.74. For photos and more information, please log unto my website

    Thanks everyone for your support. I just started building bee equipment this summer and am located in south central Virginia.