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Bees and Paint Spray fumes

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This is rather an odd question.

We've got a sailboat restoration project going on that will involve spraying on a paint finish. The spray is highly toxic until the paint cures. As stupidity would have it, one of my hives is downwind of the exhaust fan of the paint booth. Not directly, but too close for comfort.

The painting process will take a few hours. The question is, what do I do with the bees?

Do I move them ASAP and get them used to a new location? Unfortunately, I (and the bees) like where they are now... a good balance of sun and shade and well away from the farm fields.

Do I move them and then move them back? Seems disruptive.

Do I screen them in and move them for the 4-5 hours it will take to paint, then put them back? If so, how to I keep them from overheating? The commercial guys must somehow keep their bees cool on the trucks.

Do I screen them in and set up a tarp wall to block the spray exhaust? Or put a damp sheet over them?

For what it's worth, this hive is now 2 deeps and a shallow, and quite heavy. I do have straps and an appliance dolly. I have screen bottom boards, and I could make a screen top.

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>>>>Do I screen them in and set up a tarp wall to block the spray exhaust? <<<<

That would be my choice.
very good question for sure.

My first thought was a wet sheet and paint after dark.

But then the tarp wall sounds like it would work also.

Be very careful about the tarp wall. The wind/fumes can and will swirl around it to the dead air side and just hang there. How do the commercials move bees, nonstop.
Another wet sheet vote, and in the evening when there is very little activity.
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