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Bees reaction after swapping frames

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After I swapped some frames of house bees from a strong hive over to a couple of weaker ones, as Iddee suggested, the weaker ones already seem to be more vigorous. I noticed some orientation flights today, and they are taking sugar water like it is going out of style. Thank you for the advice. My question is, the bees, especially on the stronger hive, are really out on the "front porch" en masse, and are really buzzing around. I wouldnt say agitated, but very active. Is this normal? Perhaps Im just worrying to much.

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with your strong colony, make sure they have plenty of room to spread out into, to dissipate heat more uniformly, in another words honey supers, or avoiding brood chamber congestion, if the bees feel crowded they will certianly swarm. This will also help minimize bearding of bees on the outside, also provide upper entrances for ventilation, and again to spread out the colony, and ease congestion at the main or bottom entrance.
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