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PCM said:
The way I see it the bees use the sugar water for their own nutretion they do not transport it back to a cell for storage.
Yes they do. I can't cite any studies, but I've seen it in my own hives when I had to feed them late winter/early spring. Also, at a Children's Museum about an hour from me, they have an (indoor) observation hive. The bees are fed sugar water all thru the winter, and you can see them storing and capping it.

Now if they did take it for storage, wouldn't it have to go thru the bees honey making process before going into the cell then the moisture reduced to honey/water percent before capped ? Thus making it into honey !
Except that the base is refined sugar and not nectar. It's adulterated honey. At the museum I mentioned above, they've done extraction demonstrations and their 'honey' looks and tastes like sugar syrup.
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