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Bees wax soap

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Recipe stolen from another site.

31% coconut oil
60% olive oil
5% castor oil
4% beeswax

You can run it through SoapCalc 9 WP or some other good lye calculator to get the numbers for water and lye.

Also stolen from the other site.

Be aware that beeswax will cut the lather. It does add to a harder soap, but the lather is decreased. Keep your temperatures a bit higher than normal soaping temps so you don't have a false trace from the beeswax solidifying. Beeswax melts at 150*F. You don't need to keep your soaping oils this hot, but be aware that you may want to soap with oils at 135*-135*F.

If you cut the above numbers in half and change to ounces, you will end up with about 4 lbs. of soap.

Also, when using beeswax, melt that first, then add the next oil with the highest melting point (in the above recipe, it would be the coconut oil), finally add the liquid oils.

This helps with avoiding a false trace.
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We have used beeswax once or twice in our soap. I'll have to dig up the recipe and see how similar they are. I shaved the wax very finely and melted it but then let it begin to cool before adding the other oils, it was still liquid but not as hot. It made for a nice hard soap that didn't melt away with lots of use. I don't think my percentage was that high though, also adding the castor oil will cut the lather.... you can superfat with it though and avoid that.

Sounds like an interesting recipe Iddee.
We have only made beeswax or honey soap cold process.... and the gel stage was something else! It heats more than any other soap I've ever made, that's the one I learned to NOT insulate first.
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