Beeswax Artist Needs Your Help

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    Q: Who loves an underdog?
    A: I hope everyone does, because right now, that's me!

    I need your help. My beeswax paintings are taking a beating.

    I entered a contest to win a fabulous art festival tent, which I sorely need to exhibit my wax paintings, and I'm one of five finalists. The other mediums represented are oil, photography, jewelry and acrylic.

    Right now, I'm in LAST PLACE with 33 votes, and the current lead is pulling in 161. The contest ends on July 30, 2014, so this means I have only 12 days to catch up. Can I get your vote?

    Beeswax painting, also known as encaustics, is a gorgeous medium, highly durable, with a unique luminosity like no other. Every time I exhibit, I'm energized by sharing my art with a largely curious and appreciative audience. My current tent setup is lacking, and winning this professional tent would allow me to do shows in more states, and share this ancient medium with greater ease.

    Click on this link and vote for Victoria Primicias:

    I don't know any other community that shows as much support and passion for beekeeping, bees, and its affiliated products. I'd love it if you could continue that tradition and vote for an artist who adores painting with beeswax. It take two seconds to vote.

    Click here now and vote for me, Victoria Primicias:

    I'd really appreciate your support!!! [​IMG]