Beginner Beekeeper Needs Advice

Discussion in 'Beekeeping 101' started by buzzgrrl44, Aug 20, 2017.

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    I'm a bee lover who is interested in keeping bees once springtime comes around. I have no prior knowledge of keeping bees but would love to learn more. Any advice is helpful!
    Things I want to know are along the lines of....
    general bee keeping tips
    supplies for beginning beekeeping
    useful tools and tips
    and any other knowledge you think a beginner should know.
    Thanks :)
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    You are starting at the right time.
    Things to do...........find the local bee keepers group. Might have to start at the state level and drill down but many things about keeping bees are LOCAL. Things that follow from finding a mentor or even another "new bee".......
    ........get some time in a veil and might not like it and anyway it never too soon to learn how to do things. Probably will get stung at some point, even with complete bee suits most folks that keep bees get stung. This isn't all bad, you need to know how you react lately even if you have been stung before. ........Find out who has bees and queens for sale, possibly might find someone that has established hives or just woodenware and other equipment for sale. You will not avoid much disease and parasite pressure with package bees in new equipment, soon enough and you will have to deal with everything that's out there in your area. Of course don't pay much for rotten boxes and broken frames etc, but its the "going concern" aspect of the transaction that's attractive.

    Get your bees and equipment ordered soon. Everyone else wants the first ones available too! You want yours strong by June, not just arrived. Even though folks will tell you not to plan on much of a honey harvest your first year, Do get some honey supers.....when you inspect your hives and everything is full of nectar/uncapped honey, you need supers NOW or your bees may swarm when they wouldn't have been likely otherwise. On the other hand it is important to match the hive "real estate" to the colony strength primarily because pests are more of a problem in thinly populated hives. Small hive beetles taught me that lesson this year! I went from needing more supers to taking supers off in the space of a month when I had some of my colonies swarm or experience other queen problems. I needed the additional boxes and frames and the delay caused lots of problems.

    I would say if you can buy your frames already assembled DO IT. I just had to put the foundation in the batch i bought this spring and that was bad enough.
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