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I need to clean up the pieces to a very old pool table that have been in storage for 4-5 years. The wood is very ornate with deep carving's (see the pictures). The finish is still good, what is the best way to clean deep carvings like this without doing any damage?

I was just going to use a very soft brush and some Murphy's oil soap but I don't know if that's the best approach :)

The Table Legs:



The sides:


the rails:


thanks for any help!


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When you say "clean" what are you looking to do? Is it just dust and grime accumulated over the years? (As opposed to something like old paint that was not removed when it was last refinished.)

I think the soft brush is the right approach. You may need a toothbrush or toothpick to get into the carvings. I will ask my husband what he recommends for a cleaner... he has more experience than I do.

I also have a recipe for "kind of" refinishing old woodwork... it softens the old finish and kind of allows it to smear around again, making it look like new without actually stripping. This is good for finishes that are crackled, but it looks like yours may be in good shape, in which case you should leave it original. I'm not sure you would want to soften the finish if there is dirt in the creases, or the dirt will just stick in the finish.
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