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Best way to get started

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Hi All

I have a 15 year old son that is very interested in starting his own hives. We live on 56 acres so we have plenty of space. Can anyone tell me which is the best company to order supplies from. I started to buy bees last spring but found buying equipment a little intimidating. Are the beginner bee kits good to start with? How do I know EXACTLY what we need to get started. Any recommended reading that may help? We've never done this before and don't know anyone that does so I don't have anyone to reference. It is important to me that we be completely set up before we buy bees. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Please put your city in your profile. There are a number of beekeepers near the coast, and a number of local clubs.

You can start here, and go to your county listing.

I will answer more of your questions when I know where you are.
We are in Lumber Bridge, North Carolina.
The only beek I can think of right now is in Bunn Level. It is about the same distance north east of Fayetteville that you are south west. I will do some searching and try to find you a beek or two in your area.

The beginners kits have things you don't need, and some things you do need aren't in them. It is best to choose the items you want and order them only.

You can start beekeeping by buying an established hive, a nucleas hive, or a package of bees. There are pros and cons to all methods.

Here is a link to the NC ag. review. They have bees in the classifieds.

The best suppliers include Dadant

Walter T. Kelley

Brushy Mountain

There are others, but these are some of the top names.
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I went to and I see they have beginners classes and I would love to take him but they are all North of us. There is one in February in Moore county but don't you start buying bees 2/1? I am going to see if we can find any classes in South Carolina. We are only 56 miles from the border. I think we would both enjoy taking classes and getting certified. He is 15 so it is hard to find things that he still wants to do with his Mom.
Many of the county chapters also have the classes. You order bees in Jan. or Feb. if buying package or nucs. They arrive in Apr. or May, after the classes.

On the NC site, click on county chapters, then check the ones near you.

I sent you a PM. At the top of this page it says messages and the number of messages you have. Click on that to read them.

PS..What county are you in?
We are in Hoke County right on the Robeson County border. I got my message from the PM and I appreciate it. I also really appreciate all the help. My son is really excited about finding classes to take.
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