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BjornBee tried what you told me

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BjornBee i did you you told me to do about my split and the parent hive and it worked but i lost just about all of my bees in the parent hive all was in there was the queen and a few workers and a bunch of drones and the nuc was bustiong at the seam with bees they also built a huge queen cell which i left for the nuc to raise. SO i took the old hive and placed it back on the old stand and put the nuc beside it and today i took a look inside and the old hive is still missing alot of bees but i see they are building up nicely again. So my thing is i plan on splitting another hive this week and i was thinking how would it work if i did the same but took the nuc and placed it beside the old hive would the old field bees go to both or would they just go to the old hive. I am going to let the nuc raise thier own queen i have a ton of drones flying as for the other nuc i saw today that the old hive and the nuc the young bees were both doing thier play flights today at the same time along with the other hive that swarmed thier young bees was out doing the same thing so i am praying the weather breaks soon so i can start getting some of these nucs to my customers.

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