Boy Scout project takes a blow

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Zulu, Oct 13, 2011.

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    The priest at our church has refused to allow the hives to be placed on the property , due to liability concerns ?

    When I replied that this was not typically an issue and I know of at least two other churches in town who have hives (Jacobs looks after 1 of them) his assistant then said he was allergic. Mmmmmmm


    I do have access to a large 65 acre property that is close to our troop base and my home, so will be checking up with the owner that his previous offer stands

    My worry now is that I just end up looking after two more hives in another apiary.

    Will have to see boys and leaders commitments at next meeting.

    I guess I could turn this into a service project and offer to keep the hives at one of the food gardens run by other churches.

    Any bright ideas from you"all
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    its a shame crap like this happens, the yard where I have the hives now, the owner just told me she is worried that if some1 comes on the property and knocks the hives over and gets stung all to heck( vandalism) she might get sued, what judge would find in favor of the vandal but then again ya never know. least I can now move them to the 1500 acres, but gotta wait till after the new queens fly and set up shop.

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    Ideas that I have been tossing about that might help you...

    Do you have any public parks that have a strong horticultural bent? For example, there is a park near me that specializes in growing native plants with trails that border on mangrove marshes (swamps?...whatever they're called) and such. Lots of natural space, but accessible, too. I'm wondering if they would be interested in developing an area for hobbyists to keep a couple hives as a minor source of income (a small amount for rent, for example) that would also help them with the pollination of their plants AND in displacing the AHBs that are about. (I believe that AmericasBeekeeper has a system set up where he works.)

    Anyway, as I'm really new to beekeeping, I'm only just starting to think about "what if I outgrow my backyard", so this has only been flitting about my mind for a little while. (Also, the thought that, while the people pay rent to have their hives there, the visitor's center could offer to sell honey produced from those hives. There would have to be a measure of honesty involved, but still... Ideas...)

    Maybe you could approach some place with the "goal" of having an area for them to easily maintain in the future (as you and your troop work out the details?)

    Or... ;)

    Good luck!