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Brood Box

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Couple of quick questions about brood:

1. Do you ever need to change frames from the brood box? Other than disease or other calamity, it seems these should be quite permanent over the life of a colony.

2. Is one 10-frame deep super enough food storage here in zone 8B?
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bees do a good job at house keeping and usually clean up what needs to be done, I would think the only time to change out frames are when they get physically damaged or need to be sterilized from disease..
your second question needs more depends on how many bees are in a colony on how much food they need...if you have 4-5 boxes full of bees going into the winter, I would aire on the side of precaution and leave extra food than short them and have them starve, also making fondant to feed during the winter is always a good idea...this is one case of more is better..because in the ice cold you cant open a hive to check for honey stores..
Thanks Bob,
My online research left me with the impression that the further north one is, the more reserve capacity is required with northern locales using 2 deeps, Southern locales using 1 deep, and some using 1 deep/ 1 medium. In that we had stuff blooming in December and we have stuff blooming now, there is almost always something in bloom.
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Excellent information Gypsi; thanks!
And on the topic of locations, where the heck is the option of putting your location at the bottom of my post such as you have?
click on your avitar top right corner of page and goto account settings and up top you can enter it..6 lines down
Not seeing that as an option:
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are you using a phone or home PC?
Clicked on New but still no option. Might just not be available for iPad users. No biggie, I’ll take the convenience of my iPad and just tell folks where I live😉
dont click on the new, left click on your avitar that is showing in that right hand corner, not the avitar on your posts...then goto account settings..
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That was it! Thanks Bob.
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