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Bushkill Bee Vac

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I've been doing quite a bit of bee removals for a few years now and heavily rely on using a bee vac. I was never quite pleased with the traditional box in a box design, so a couple of years ago I designed my own. It is basically a top and a bottom that is used with a regular hive body. The concept is to suck them right into the hive and not have to move them again, which reduces the stress and killing of more bees. It stores compactly and can either be used with a separate vac or an integrated one and is easily expandable for those huge swarms. Quite a few other beekeepers have built them as well and have had good success. Here is a link to all the details ->

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I will have to admit, that is the first one I have seen that may work as good as mine. :D


The original idea of mine was to vac them right onto the combs. It was designed by a man named Tom Sawyer. I had the problem of installing the cut out comb after vacuuming the bees, so I modified it to hold the bees until the comb had been installed in the hive. Then just slide the sheet metal out and shake the bees down.
Well, well, well. Let me give credit where credit is due. I had seen those picture a while ago and must admit, your vac provided some of the inspiration for mine. It was a while ago and I just hadn't put the two together until now that it was yours.

Not to get your ego any bigger ;) but after looking at the pictures again, you probably subconsciously influenced my bee removal trailer as well. I'll have to take a picture and let you decide :)
That's exactly why we live on these forums. To help each other for the betterment of the bees. I hope I have been a help to some, as I know I have gleaned much from many.
I keep looking, but have yet to see a price tag on any of these bee vac...... ;)
110 dollars for the plexiglas box with slide in bottom, plus freight. You supply the vac, hoses, and router control. I don't make them. They will be coming from a friend of mine.
i'll sell you one identical to the one iddee has for $250.00..... wait, they are on sale for $200.00. how many would you like ? :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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