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    This morning I was out at one of my yards and was in the process of suiting up when I heard some traffic slow down on the road going by. I looked up just in time to watch an RCMP (police) car haul into the drive and motor right on up to me.

    Now I wasn't overly concerned, I'm a pretty law abiding sort of fella so I waited till he rolled down his window and I walked up to the side of his car.
    I recognized the officer as the same guy who pulled up and walked right up to me last year when I had a hive wide open. He was wearing his bullet proof vest and all the gear (and it was firecracker hot). He stood about 3 feet away while I was going through the hive and we talked bees, it was pretty funny, people slowing down the whole time havin a gawk! :lol:

    Well today he asked me how my hives did over the winter and I told him OK. He said a bear got his 2 hives last fall and what was left after the bear hit em didn't make the winter. Told him I felt bad about that. :cry:
    Then he asks me if I'd sell him a couple nucs! :mrgreen:
    I guess I'm havin a good day eh? :yahoo:
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    Why I sure would sell ya a couple of nucs OFFICER!! :lol: :lol:

    It is nice to have those kinds of friends sometimes, just don't sell a couple of duds though :roll:

    never can tell who has been bitten by the bee bug!