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can't figure this one out

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did a cut out on 5-29, was a very small colony and did not get the queen for some reason.
Bought a queen on 6-4 and she was out and about laying eggs on 6-6.
Bees not drawing comb or even attaching the cut out comb to the frames very well.
6-10 Gave them a frame of capped brood thinking this will boost numbers and get them going.
6-25 many new bees doing their orientation flight, looked good, this must have been the brood from the capped frame.
6-29 went through them expecting to put them in a ten frame box but to my suprise they had two swarm queen cells, one capped and one open. Get to looking and there are two queens walking around on the same frame and even on top of each other. There is not enough workers in the hive (a five frame nuc) to even swarm, only enough bees to cover four of the five frames. The bought queen is laying a good solid pattern and there were plenty of eggs laid in the newly emptied cells (the hatch from 6-6 eggs). they are very poor on stores but I have been feeding them.

This is the craziest bunch of bees I have ever seen, act just plum lazy to me.

Any ideas??

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>>>>Any ideas??<<<<

How about a bad idea? I would keep feeding and see what they do. Also, I would check their pollen stores and if needed, supplement.

Maybe someone will come along with a good idea. :?
There are two queens in many more hives than is normally thought. They will likely make a choice in the fall and do away with one.

They don't have enough coming in to draw comb. Is your flow over, or just slow due to weather?
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