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I received my queen today from Koehnen & Sons (northern CA) and as I was attempting to put the cage in, I noticed that there were larvae in the brood box. I had checked the hive three days earlier for any signs of brood or a queen (I had previously placed three frames of eggs and brood from another hive to attempt making a new queen in my queenless hive a few weeks ago) but did not see any, so that's why I ordered a queen. I thought the presence of brood indicated egg-laying workers, but after checking each frame carefully, I found the new queen.

Queens usually cost over $50 when shipped via overnight express, so this is a GREAT deal.

I can sell this queen or trade for honey paraphernalia. Inquiries should only be from the Bay Area, since who ever is interested must come by in person. If interested, please contact me at 925-395-7914.

BTW, I misspelled Carniolan!
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