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Carrying on the tradition

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My three are studying hard. My son David, found out on three straight days that picking up bees like Daddy, is not so easy. He kept coming into the house screaming with a stinger in his finger before I realize what he was doing. Three days in a row. Persistance!

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that first picture is of two of my kids catching a swarm in our yard. They are both bigger than me now and still carrying on the tradition of scooping the bees into the boxes without gloves..... iddee style. the little one in the pic is my "little man" and the sweetie in the dress (that she stole from me..) is our Fred... "Wally's Baby Beek".

I had forgotten all about that picture until we got on here!! Thanks for sharing iddee!
You know what little man said when he saw the pic? Man I used to be short!!
man idee, that was so long ago that i don't even remember who took the pic!
With this being the third year you have had bees, just how long ago could it have been?
:p :D
going on 4 years ago feels like a lifetime when you are under 16 I guess. They were so much smaller then (sigh).... :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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