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Hi all apisbees here, Keith to most. I have judged the honey division at our local fall fair in Armstrong for the last 14 years. And for the last 15 years the beekeeper of BC Honey Producers Association, local divisions have had a display room to educate the public about bees and beekeeping. This year the featured division is the HONEY DIVISION. The fairs catch line this year is Catch the Buzz at the 113[SUP]th[/SUP] IPE. Three years ago I took over the coordination of the display and in trying to keep the display new and fresh am constantly looking for new ideas and better materials. I have ideas for displays and require some assistance in finding them cause most of them are on beekeepers hard drives and memory sticks.

Here is the list;

Pictures of bees on flowers; pictures of bee plants; bee meadow or field or crop pollination with bee hives in it, preferably more scenic type shots than close ups of hives; pictures of fruit trees in bloom and with the fruit ready to be harvested; pictures of crops in bloom that require bees to pollination and with the produce ready to be harvested;

Also want to put together a kids information book with bee facts and trivia along with puzzles and coloring sheets.
I Have a large format printer that can print 36†wide and another that is 52†so the larger the picture file the better as it gives me more options on how I can use them.
If any one could help me out with any of these items I would be indebted to you.
Thanks in advance for anything you can contribute.
[FONT=&quot]Because I am requesting the largest file sizes you have to offer could you please send all things direct to my E-mail [email protected][/FONT]
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