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Checking a new hive & weather considerations...

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I just installed my package bees into their brand new hive last Saturday (nine days ago) and want to take a peek to make sure the queen is released and all is well, but it's only 34 degrees today (high of 44) and cloudy/rainy.

My question is how long to wait before checking to at least make sure the queen is released??
I peeked in the hive top feeder and it doesn't look like it needs to be filled yet, either....what does that tell me?
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They will be clustered at 45 F. or below. I wouldn't pull any frames at less than 50 F., preferably 55. If they have enough food down in the frames, they will be fine until it is warmer. You will just have to hope they moved enough down to last through the cold spell. You can read Bjorn's post about fondant. Maybe you could slip a chunk of it right on top the cluster for a temp. emergency feeding. As for the bees, if they have food, they will survive. As for the beekeeper, curiosity will have to be put on hold.


Summary...Open and add something on top the frames, max. time 5 sec. at any temp.

Remove and check frames, 50 plus for sure, preferably 55 plus and sunny.
If she did, she's out. If she didn't, the bees can feed her for weeks through the cage. No problem there.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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