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thought I'd share- I make my chickens a mash, as one does.

To make sure all chooks get some, not just the dominant chooks, I serve it in what i call the democracy feeder. I have a large round plastic dish- the top of a worm farm- that I serve it in. In the middle I put a pot, at least 12 inch wide and and 8-12 inch high. Food is distributed around the edges. Because it is round, chooks don't get bullied off, they just move around. The pot in the middle serves as a visual blocker so they don't see chicken on other side ( when you're a chook the grass is always greener on the other chickens side). It works very well.
Great idea.I'll have to show the wife this one. We got the stuff around here to put this together for our 10 chickens. "Chooks"
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