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Chinese Honey Laundered In US Finally Caught

By Ron Phipps, CPNA International

August 10, 2010

This past week there were a few significant developments regarding circumvention of honey. These developments lend support to the current legislative efforts in the U.S. Senate and Congress generally to stop the laundering of Chinese honey through third countries. This past week the confession of a Taiwanese man in Los Angeles was reported by the United States District Court-Northern District of Illinois. The Taiwan confessed to shipping Chinese honey (50 containers) to India and other containers to Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan for transshipment to the USA to avoid paying high anti-dumping duties. He also confessed to adulterating Chinese honey with sugars in a Taiwanese factory in order to “increase profit margins.â€

Secondly, a Chinese apiculture scientist openly claimed in an academic article that “A few Chinese honey exporters had to ship Chinese honey through India or Malaysia to avoid high U.S. duties.†The problem of circumvention is gaining national and international attention.

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