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Hey all,
I went to p/u Aiden at daycare yesterday and he ran over to me saying daddy, dadd theres a swarm at my school. Then his teacher there said yeah we couldnt go to one side of the school b/c there were bees. I told him to come on and we would see whats going on. We got there and there were about four folks standing there looking up in a tree. I asked if they had bees and they all said yeah.
We improvised a quick G3 catcher and the janitor brought a ladder out. After a few bucket shakes the all started orienting to the box. This appeared to be an after swarm wih a virgin queen.

I only have a point and shoot camera that takes video. It shuts off after 3a min of video to save the memeoryon the card. Mine shut off right when i was starting to climb the ladder. I didnt get the video off the shake. I am awaiting the principals reply whether or not she captured any footage or pics of the action. Well see, if not i'll post what i have.
Thanks for reading.

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