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So the family and I are sitting at a red light, taking a break from working in the yard.
As the light goes green, my wife looks up and said, "are those bees?", I look up and a swarm is moving down the street. thru the intersection. Stuck in the middle of the road, I have to go thru, we turn into a lot and park and jump out, hoping to follow them.
Not a bee in sight, we wlaked up and down Main Street looking for any sign of the swarm or stragglers that may lead us to the swarm.
Still nothing.... what a bummer, we still have no bees for the new TBH.
Only swarm call that was actually a swarm, was said to be 12' up, drove an hour, only to find the bees 25' up a twig of a tree, not safe for a ladder at all.

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