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Dead Brood

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I have two hives that I started from Nuc's a little under a month ago, located in Central Virginia.

Last week, after a torrential downpour and spotty rain for 3 days, I noticed a couple of dead bees on the landing area of my bottom boards on both hives. But, on Hive 2, I also noticed what appeared to be a Bee that had not fully formed and was pulled out of the cell and dropped down on the bottom board. I figured this was due to the rain.

Again, it rained last night. Hive 1 showed no issues, but I did notice ANOTHER partially formed brood on Hive 2. I have attached a picture. I want to be sure that something is not amiss.


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I wouldnt worry. It looks like you have some bees with good hygenics. Removing brood that has died for one reason or another I wouldnt worry with no more than what you are seeing.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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