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I couldn't find the hot queen (probably some africanized dna but only a lab could tell for sure).

SO I now have 4 hives from hers. 2 nucs with more docile younger bees and the new queens, cork removed, sugar in place, These have feed jar lids with feed jars and greatly reduced entrances to keep the bees in and robbers out long enough for the hive to "take" also sprayed sugar water with vanilla in before I put the caged queens in.

One of the new queens is just in a medium nuc with 5 frames of nectar and a little empty comb, her box was an afterthought when I realized the old queen might be in the one below. I am worried they have a shortage of foragers.

The other new queen has a deep with 4 frames of brood and one of honey, they have a feed jar, a screen closed front door and a nuc with a screened opening over the feed jar for ventilation. and a metalclad 10 frame lid reflecting the suns heat on the south side. We have some really hot weather coming.

The yellow deep nuc has 4 frames of brood and one of honey, in the bottom deep nuc and medium nuc of frames on top, I think she is in this one. Bees were entering it voluntarily. Yes I went through the frames and yes queens are sneaky, so my new queen is NOT in that box.

And one 5 frame deep with 5 freezer comb frames, no honey, no brood, where the hive was, to catch those returning foragers, the hottest of the bees.

This was day 1. I was suited up for 4 hours by the time I got 2 purchased queens in the splits, and one of the splits clearly had the original. Day 2 with a couple of pics will follow
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