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Went to check on the bees I moved from the abandoned house last month. When last I looked, they were 2 deeps, packed full of brood and honey. I added a shallow super with drawn comb.

This time: The shallow was completely empty still. Upper deep was darn near solid honey. Dang it, this meant I had to heft that one off of there to check below.

Lower deep: Honey in the corners of the frames. As I looked through frames: No brood. On about the 5th frame, I found a queen cell, not yet capped. At that point I stopped looking so as not to damage that or any other queen cell.

I'm batting zero on keeping queens alive. This is getting quite disheartening. I am wondering now about what another local beekeeper told me... that bees in my yard are doomed due to the proximity to the neighboring farm/shrub nursery and their herbicides and pesticides. Argh! That would mean they probably would have been fine if I hadn't moved them in the first place.
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Hobie said:
Successful mating, perhaps?

did he still have his manhood intact?

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