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The best effect is when the base 10 frames, like a beehive.
Tilted to one side.
After 2-3 minutes 95% was taken off the frames.
The next 10 frames and those first 10 are stored for later.
They are almost pure, and when all the frames so stripped, then cross the other way, expand and put them one to another at 25-30 pieces and includes a sprinkler for 5-6 minutes, then 99% pure.
Ramov review and if necessary clean.
Water level is determined on the basis of the opening through which the melted mass comes with frames.
In the drain there is a wide filter.
Passes through it just wax.
Disinfection with caustic soda and hot water and body frames and hives is also possible just in water, add caustic soda or asepsol.
Otherwise, the principle of operation is such that the generated water circuit between frames on a pedestal in the form of spray jets of water from above and below come under pressure and so pure ramove or hive body.
The temperature of the melting wax and disinfection is max.90 degrees Celzijus.
Regulation of water temperature allows us that this device may use as dekristalization honey and molasses to prepare.
I will gladly help you with instructions how to make.


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