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Do you have an opinion about plastic extractors?

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Has anyone worked with a plastic extractor? I am considering purchasing one as the stainless steel extractors are quite an investment. Would anyone recommend buying a plastic extractor? or is it a big waste of time and $$$? Thank you.
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I bought an old used stainless steel two frame tangetal (-1sp?) and other than needing a new gate and maybe replace the wood on the handle in a few years it is in great shape, after cleaning it up really good.
check with north east kansas beekeepers association they have a list of people who will extract for you then save your money and look for a used stainless extractor you will be glad you did
I don't own an extractor. I've connected with other beeks and borrow an extractor when I need one. I've used the 2-frame plastic extractor, and while it's "adequate", it's not something I'd want to spend money on. The plastic was already becoming brittle and I had to be extra gentle with it so it didn't crack. I didn't borrow it a second time.
I too have used a plastic one and was thoroughly unimpressed with it. Like Will Smith in Men in Black when handed the "noisy cricket", I feel like I'm gunna break this thing, :)
One of the local clubs here had so many people join the association in the past couple years, they went out and bought a nice extractor for members to use. They charge $10 and the money goes into the association for other things. Just an idea... ;)
cecil sweeney in spring hill kansas has an extractor you can rent for $25.00 for the weekend
Thank you for all your responses.
Riverrat: I talked to Cecil at the NEKBA meeting Monday night. He told me $25 a day or if you rented an extractor on Friday it wouldn't need to be returned until Monday. Sounds like there is money in renting out extractors.
did you try micheal sinclair of the nekba he has a list of people willing to help extract he is in the atchison area he can be found lurking on another bee forum as jethro.
Do it right, do it once, buy a Maxant! :D ;)
MAXANT said:
Do it right, do it once, buy a Maxant! :D ;)
A true salesman at work. All you need now is a trust me at the end :lol: :D But I must say maxant does make a good product even though I do got a Dadant ;)
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