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Does 5G affect bees?

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I've seen this video:
It could be faked but I've read so much and there is this petition: BEEKEEPERS — 5G Space Appeal

Have you had any experience with bees and 5g towers?
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just remember EVERY commercial that starts out may be entitled to a large cash settlement..came from some approved medication, device or whatever......
definitely I remember using an asbestos pad on my Bunsen burner in Chemistry class in High school.
We had steam heat in my elementary school, I remember the insulation was all busted up from the kids smashing chairs into it.....

Red maples bloomed already! Cherries or apple next?
Probably cherries
it was 28 degrees this morning on the island, but my elderberry has some new green bud growing and my willow tree also has some buds, no flowers in sight anywhere..
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I had assumed the Bright Yellow pollen I am seeing is Willow. I don't have a willow tree I can monitor picked out yet.
And the source seems fairly large as the bees are crash landing overloaded and so covered in pollen they are probably half blind too!
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