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So, back on April 22nd, I did a second split of my oh-so-productive Hive Beta. This split was a donation to my community garden; we started a package last year in a hive and it did not survive the winter and we wanted to repopulate.

I went to check today for queen cells...and low and behold I spotted her Majesty in the flesh. When I removed the top box (which is pretty much empty but for a few drawn out frames) there were a number of bees in between the boxes, and I saw her right there, just hanging out! I managed to get one shot of her butt before she ducked down into the hive. She's smack dab in the middle of the picture pretty much, and the shade line passes right over her.

I've never seen a young queen before, and she was smaller than her Mom and her Sister in my yard hives, but I know she'll grow strong, she got good genes. There was no brood but for a few still capped, which I'm sure are from the split. I saw her empty cell as well while I was in there. I don't think she's flown, but I'm sure she will soon. There are many drones here at home just a block away, and a handful or so in the garden hive so I think she'll find plenty of gentlemen callers at her door soon.

I'm just beside myself with giddiness over helping the ladies successfully rear 2 queens!

Also, while I had the boxes split and the ladies were hanging out on top of the frames, I saw some major waggle dancing going on! I put my little point and shoot digital to video and tried to get the ladies in action.

You'll have to excuse my poor video skills! [video=youtube;h7JWOEqeSJE][/video]


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