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Nice little cut out this morning. The home owners gave me a call yesterday and said I was referred to them from an ex-pest control fella that I do not even know :thumbsup: Anyway....bees were going up under the vinyl at the brick. Not much activity but they were bringing in some pollen. Things have been very dry and hot around here and bees are starting to starve out, these poor gals were on the brink of it also.


Going in between the brick and the vinyl siding.

vinyl siding, foam board insulation, masonite siding, tar paper and finally the 2 x 12 floor joist.

A good job for the battery saws all, the 2 x 12 floor joist, it was cantilevered over the brick veneer.


.....and the hive, the poor gals had less than 2 pounds of honey for stores and not much brood or workers. They did have a little bit of nectar coming in but for the most part the combs were dry and empty. Never did see the queen but there was some larva that was a day or two old.

Worked off of a ten foot ladder, bee vac is sitting on top of a six foot ladder.

The cavity was just about the size of a ten frame deep.

These gals had mites pretty bad and a mess of small hive beetles to boot, don't look for them to make it, might do a combine in the next couple of days.


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