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I spoke to Dr. Stefan and he only charges 300 for a year of apitherapy education. I heard of one lady who took the course and since her husband had bees she said she already knew a lot of what he talked about but said it was a good course. He told me I needed to have bees, be part of a bee club and my national apitherapy society to join.

Dr. Stefan is Romanian. They are more accepting of apitherapy there than in America. He does lectures, writes for magazines and seems to be a pioneer of apitherapy even though I am sure we all know that it's been around for quite some time. Thought that was all interesting.

If I were to take the course it would be for the full knowledge and "certification" even though as he even states, it's not government approved since apitherapy is not widely used in the medical community.

I am pretty sure anyone who takes honey before bed to cure their insomnia or administers it to a child for a cough is an "apitherapist". The bee's really seem to do most of the work for you. Apitherapy from what I hear is mostly referring to injections of bee venom though the course outlines every aspect of bee products from bee pollen to propolis.

Dr. Stefan's course is the only one I am seeing that is available! There are two different sites that offer courses and they both lead back to him. It is strange to me that with thousands of years of bee-human interaction that the only Doctor willing to teach a year long internet course in apitherapy is Dr. Stefan.
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