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Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Tyro, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Each year I compile a fairly extensive list of package bee suppliers (and queen breeders) with prices and shipping to my location. That process has started again. About 25% of the vendors on my list have posted their package prices and, to date, a 3lb package is averaging $95.90 + $16.00 shipping (USPS).

    That is a significant increase over last years average: $78.00/3lb package - but the average still may go down as the majority of vendors have not set their prices yet.

    When the list is completed (or mostly completed) sometime in early January, I will post a link to it here.


    If you are a vendor and wish to be included on my list, please PM me the following information:

    email address
    website (if available)
    Race of bees offered (Italian, Russian, etc.)
    Prices of packages (any size), nucs, queens, etc. for the 2011 calendar year
    Preferred shipping method and cost of shipping to zip 58622