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I just thought I'd share this. This is my way of growing seedlings. Added much versatility to my seed propagation.

I grow a lot of plants from seed. Some are direct sown, and others like veg seeds I grow in punnets and transfer later to veg beds. I have a greenhouse to propagate in, but because I don't use snail pellets I can't control slugs and snails and growing seedlings there is not fruitful effort invested. I have a place ( in the house but a shed would work fine; house is more consistently temperature regulated) where I now grow them, away from slugs and snails. Basically I have two large seed trays, one with no holes (like a kitty litter tray) and the other with the meshed bottom , the type designed to hold seed punnets so they can drain. The seed punnets sit in the bottom kitty tray, which I fill partway with water/ seaweed solution so they are watered from the bottom up. The mesh tray sits on top of the bottom tray inverted, and an LED grow light, on a timer, sits on top of that. LEDS don't get too hot, and if you need bottom heat you can buy little horticultural heat mats for this purpose. Hence it is very customisable for warm and cool season plants.Trays are the same size so they are held together with clips which stops toptray and LED falling off and knock and dog- proofs it fairly well. The whole lot is super compact and can be stored easily when not in use- my LED light sits inside trays which keeps it nice and safe.


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