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My hives made it through the winter, but not without feedings, as two were robbed out last fall. I fed both syrup and raw sugar as weather permitted.

Temps in mid-seventies, pollen comming in. Yesterday I checked for brood, which I found in all hives. Fed sugar syrup to two hives and raw sugar to one, as I have only two hive-top feeders. They took all of the syrup and I fed another 1/2 gallon again today.

Put another deep yesterday, on the hive that is booming. Planning on running double deeps on all, then supering on top of that.

When should I put a deep on the weakest hive, the one I'm feeding the raw sugar? Now, to build up comb from full frames of foundation for brood production, or wait? Until when?

Any suggestions appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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