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A few pics of feeding the bees in a tree. These were the bees that wer 80 feet in the air.

Cut the broken limb off on the side and nailed a couple of boards on for the winter protection, then cut the top off and nailed on a board with a hole in it and some shingles, and you will notice a shingle on the side to partially cover up a large knot hole.

They drank a quart of syrup in one day and a quart of honey in three days

[attachment=2:1opsvy3u]fall 2009 farm 020.jpg[/attachment:1opsvy3u]

[attachment=1:1opsvy3u]fall 2009 farm 019.jpg[/attachment:1opsvy3u]
looking at the top

[attachment=0:1opsvy3u]fall 2009 farm 018.jpg[/attachment:1opsvy3u]
looking up in the crack where the limb was cut off



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