First year split/swarm?

Discussion in 'Beekeeping 101' started by Kevin1969, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Greeting all, I'm about as new as a noob can be. I live in western new york. I have my starter kit from brushy( 2 deeps, 2 med, frames and covers), and nuc coming in april/may..

    My first question for the forum( many more to come I'm sure)

    1. What is the likelihood of a first year hive( from a 5 frame nuc) to swarm. Do I need to have a second hives body ready to split hives before it swarms ? What is the chances of it surviving a buffalo winter being a split/swarm hive?

    Any info greatly appreciated, or redirects to info already in forum
    Thank you,
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    the more food there is the more likely they are to swarm, but yours are likely to do it in July or August at earliest, since you are starting in April May. It is hard to get them fed up for winter starting in late summer unless you feed a lot or have a phenomenal fall flow