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I have been told that Fisher's Bee Quick is no longer in production.
It would temporarily drive the bees from the hive and it did not have an offensive odor.
Will it ever be produced again?

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Welcome to the forums! Straight from Jim himself:

What happened is that the family-run business that bottled Bee-Quick
since 1999 went through some family troubles and the son that was
running the business left. The father was unable to meet our needs,
several screw-ups resulted, and we had to seek another bottling plant.

Several bottling plants turned out to be all talk and no capability.
Bee-Quick isn't easy to make.

We've got one, and we are working as fast as we can to get a
bottling run done, and will resupply dealers.
I found this online, I don't actually know him ;) but he is a credit to the entire beekeeping community...

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