Forbes Magazine Article on "Science collapse disorder"

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    "Australia presents the most striking dilemma for those isolating their attacks on neonics. On a per crop basis, it is one of the world’s heaviest users of the pesticide—and has among the healthiest bee colonies in the world. Government records indicate there has not been even one adverse experience report from either the public or beekeepers concerning the use of neonics. The other thing they don’t see in Australia—but we do see everywhere else in the world where CCD is claimed—is the Varroa mite, the culprit in the 2005/06 bee death march."
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    Excellent link. Thanks camero7
    Ban Neonics? No, the alternative is worse.
    We as consumers must realize that, company policies are driven by profits and FEAR. The public opinion pressure on Bayer must not be allowed to stagnate.