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I’m new to beekeeping and started my second hive yesterday. My issue is I forgot to replace all the frames in an 8 frame Langston deep.

I know it’s is best not to disturb them for a week. But will having only 5 frames be an issue? Will I come Back to a mess of burr comb? Or should I quickly put new frames
In today?


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Just popping the lid and dropping in some frames should not be a big bother.
You are not going to pull frames or reorder the frames so it's minimally invasive.

You will likely get wonky comb if you leave it like that.
I'm of the position that preventing crisis is better than managing crisis.
In other words fix it now or it may be harder to fix later. or you may not be able to fix it later and have to live with it if you don't fix it now.

The other thing is to relax while you are in the hives, it should not be a high stress moment.
Before you open a hive have everything you might need laid out, Plan your moves.
Go through the motions, make a dry run to see if you have the needed space and equipment at hand.
I built a tote with all the tools I need with a hive open, everything within reach.
Afterwards sit down and make notes on your observations and improvements, while things are fresh in your head.
This will help the next time you open a hive.
I keep a pocket notebook for each hive and make notes for each inspection. (I have CRS.)
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