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[h=2]I copied this off another site ..

French film reveals how a million bee colonies were killed by imidacloprid 1994-2003[/h]
A remarkable French documentary has just come to light in the English speaking world - by someone adding excellent sub-titles.
The film shows bees dying, in front of your very eyes, while feeding on nectar and gathering pollen from sunflowers which had been treated with 'Gaucho' - Bayer's imidacloprid seed-treatment, which was licensed in France from 1992 onwards, until banned in 1999.

Eye-witnesses describe sunflower fields surrounded by 'carpets of dead bees' - in fields where the sunflowers had been treated with the Gaucho seed dressing. It reveals how, year after year, the bees were completely fine, until a day or so after the sunflowers bloomed, when there would be massive hive-collapse among the hives brought to the fields - while other hives in the chestnut forests some miles away were booming and healthy.

The film shows the remarkable collusion between politicians, regulators and the pesticide companies - on one side; and the resistance from the bee farmers and the independent bee-scientists on the other. It is worth watching just to see the squirming, shifty-eyed responses from the heads of the food-safety agency and the various agricultural research institutes.

It is in French - but the sub-titles are very clear. It will certainly give you an insight into what you are up against in America - because the same system is in operation there as it is in Europe. It becomes clear that beekeepers cannot rely on government scientists to help them - they have een bought, bribed, threatened, intimidated and transferred; they cannot rely on regulators - who are eating from the same bowl as the pesticide manufacturers; they cannot rely on government - since the politicians are receiving huge election contributions and endless lobbying from the corporate sty. The only thing that got these pesticides banned from sunflowers and maize in 2000, was direct action by the bee-farmers themselves. But even when Imidacloprid was banned - they just brought in an even worse systemic - Fipronil.

This is the link for part one of the video on YOUTUBE:

This is part Two

Part three

Part Four
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