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Firestone, Colo. – The National Honey Board today announced that it is now making a new brochure available to the honey industry. The new brochure entitled: “Honey Simplified,†addresses the important consumer topic of what ingredients can be found in a bottle of honey.

The “Honey Simplified†brochure has been created in response to disturbing findings that have recently been uncovered by National Honey Board sponsored market research. Among these findings are the facts that among even the most frequent and dedicated honey users there is widespread confusion as to what ingredients might be found in a bottle of pure honey. Anywhere from 30-percent to 40-percent of frequent honey users believe that other sweeteners, water, or even oils are added to pure honey once it is extracted from the comb. Another disturbing finding is that a large percentage of honey consumers feel that there is a major difference in terms of purity in what can be found in “supermarket honey†versus “farmer’s market honey.â€

The full-color brochure follows honey from the flower all the way to bottling through the use of a simple flow chart series of pictures. There is additional text that explains that honey is pure and is bottled without any chemical or ingredient additives.

“These negative consumer perceptions must be addressed in a positive, easy-to-understand light,†said Bruce Boynton, CEO of the National Honey Board. “The brochure is a perfect handout for beekeepers to better explain that pure honey means pure honey.â€

The “Honey Simplified†brochure costs $0.40 each and is now in stock. Please contact the National Honey Board to order your supply.

For additional information:
National Honey Board
11409 Business Park Circle Suite 210
Firestone, CO 80504
Phone: (303) 776-233 7 Phone (800) 553-7162
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